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Zostaw maila, sprawdzimy nasze możliwości techniczne i odezwiemy się do Ciebie, kiedy będziemy mogli Cię podłączyć do sieci

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Private or public IP?

Get in good mode!

Good to know…

In the network, we all have an IP address made up of four numbers from 0-255. Each computer connected to the network has its own IP address, which enables its identification.

There are two types of IP addresses: private and public.

Go to public mode

Having a private IP address, your devices share the IP address with other network users by means of a mechanism that translates private IP addresses into one public address. When establishing a connection with any device/service on the Internet, the address translation mechanism remembers specific parameters necessary for data transmission between you and the website you want to visit. Having a private IP address, our devices are in the operator’s internal network and are not directly exposed to the world, so we can feel safer. A private IP address, due to being shared with other users, can sometimes make it difficult to use the Internet, requiring, for example, additional verification “are you not a robot” or we cannot log in to company resources while working from home office.

If you’ve had enough of that, you can go public.

Why is it worth it?

The public IP address is mainly used to intentionally connect to a computer from a place other than our home (e.g. from work) or when the service we use requires it, e.g. remote desktop, access to government platforms (ePUAP), smart home devices e.t.c.

We can also easily share or check how our cat is doing by checking the image from the camera. Cool? Cool!

Kobieta w białej bluzce, niebieskich dżinsach i białych trampkach. Siedzi na drewnianej ławce i jest oparta o szary mur. Na jednej nodze ma przed sobą laptopa i coś na nim pisze. Naprzeciwko niej leży gitara, beżowa i czarna torba, książka, kubek z kawą.

Browse the web without worries!

The public IP address is public and permanently assigned. However, such “openness” exposes us to hacker attacks. The most common targets are drives, cameras and other smart devices. We don’t have to worry about anything if:

  • we operate on the latest software versions;
  • our logins and passwords are strong (QWERTY is not!);
  • the firewall on our router is properly configured;
  • only users on our LAN can access our router.