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Try the new

Do You like Thai food? Or maybe You prefer trampoline bouncing? Try the new then!
Plan is simple! We promote a chosen spot, and in return we get vouchers, discount and other goodies for everyone to grab!

How does it work, technically?

We publish a dedicated post on our Facebook page, where we introduce a given place and present a competition task. We appreciate the most creative! Let Yourself get carried away, use Your imagination & win!

We value local initiatives!

So far, those who joined our campaign included National Music Forum, OH Kino, KFC Gwardia Wrocław, Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant, Ragu, Panda Ramen, ZZ top – zupy i zapiekanki, California Fitness, Wyspa Tamka, Survival Race, Stara Odra Beach Bar, Krasnolód, Nocny Targ Tęczowa, Chleboteka, Sushi Spot, Fpinka, GiGi and many more!

Campaign partners


Classic wrocławian zapiekankas make their big comeback, joined by delicious home-made soups. Sounds good? Drop by ZZtop!

California Fitness

It’s a place for those passionate about sport as well as gym rookies. Drop by, give some high fives with trainers and start building Your shape!

Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant

One of the best clubs and i restaurants in Wrocław. Great atmosphere, delicious food and live music – it’s worth to be there!

OH Kino

Most recent premieres, preview screenings and movie marathons. Thriller or romantic comedy? Fortunately, You don’t have to choose!


If You want tu taste one of a kind pasta, this is Your place. Gnocchi, ravioli or dumplings? Choose whatever You want! It’s worth to eat here.


We guarantee this place won’t leave You indifferent. Mango with passion fruit, prosecco and obviously Belgian chocolate are the flavours You just have to taste. Poetry!


Climbing el dorado, where both pros and beginners will find something for themselves.

Jump World Wrocław

Enter the world of trampolines and „World of trampolines” with such thematic zones as: basketball, volleyball, swimming pool with sponges, dodgeball field, gladiators zone, climbing wall, main arena.

Gwardia Wrocław

Sports emotions on highest level. We impatiently wait for every game, because such adrenaline and atmosphere can’t be faked. Go Gwardia!

Stara Odra Beach Bar

Beach, drinks with swizzle sticks in the heart of the city. Drop by Stara Odra Beach Bar and feel like You were by the sea.

Urban Garden

Summer bar and a view of panorama of the city is a perfect combo for an evening barbecue.

Nocny Targ Tęczowa

Relax zone, good music, delicious food and many other attractions. A must go-to place!

Panda Ramen

Ramen is the culinary sensation of the 21st century. It’s a delicious food with fresh veggies and noodles. Haven’t tested it yet? Well, in that case You must visit Panda!

Narodowe Forum Muzyki

Take the challenge, put together a team and take part in the most extreme obstacle course. Adrenaline rush guaranteed!

Survival Race

Take the challenge, put together a team and take part in the most extreme obstacle course. Adrenaline rush guaranteed!


Best Asian flavours, combined with good music and a place with an atmosphere is a jackpot! Drop by Woosabi and see for Yourself.

Zielony Słoik

A gardening studio, where plant lovers will find something for themselves! Forests in a jar, thematic workshops and many more. Worth visiting!